The mission of the educational activity of KazEDRI is training of competitive, innovative and patriotic-minded specialists complying with the current national and international criteria, as well as creation of elite scientific-intellectual and informational-cultural environment contributing to comprehensive economic growth and prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Postgraduate Education Department is working on the organization of ophthalmologist competence development and academic training of the participants of residency on the basis of the State License of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 06, 2011 No.0142684.

At present, educational activity of KazEDRI is carried out in accordance with the License No.KZ33LAA00016970 dated September 13, 2019.

Directions of activity of the department:

  1. Residency

Training of specialists in the specialty “Ophthalmology including pediatric” is carried out in accordance with the List of clinical specialties of residency. The educational program of residency in ophthalmology assumes clinical direction of training and advanced specialized training in this specialty. The previous educational level of the persons interested in the this programs of residency - basic medical education, higher medical education, availability of internship. The duration of the educational program of residency is 3 years.

Acceptance of the applications of the students intending to residency shall be carried out from July 3 to 25.

Entrance examinations to residency shall be conducted from August 8 to August 16, enrollment - by August 28 of the calendar year.

The citizens intending to residency shall pass entrance examinations in the specialty. 

  1. Development of competence of ophthalmologists.

As a part of the process of development of competence of ophthalmologists, Postgraduate Education Department shall:

  • cooperate with the organizations implementing advanced training courses and retraining;
  • inform ophthalmologists related to the new programs and competence development cycles.

Dates of cycles shall be specified in the course schedule. Off-schedule, on-site advanced training cycles shall be in practice according to the applications of the executive heads of medical and preventive treatment facilities. The advanced training cycles that are conducted in the course of team mobilization (at least 5 people) shall also be provided.

Reference information by tel.: 8 (727) 283-60-31