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On 26 and 30 October 2018 was held a regular meeting of the Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Eye Research Institute Sapargazinova A.Kh. with students of the residency of KazERI (75 residents) in the specialty "Ophthalmology, including pediatric ophtalmology".

Program of the meeting:

9.30-10.00 - Analysis of the survey results of the residents KazERI 1-3 years of study in the specialty "Ophthalmology, including including pediatric ophtalmology" on the topic "Student satisfaction with learning outcomes" -Abdullina V. R.

10.00-10.15 - Report of the Chairman of the Trade Union Committee of Residency Students - Iskakbayeva A.A.

10.40-11.00 - Other

During the meeting, the results of an anonymous survey of residents were discussed. According to the survey, the majority of residents (64.28 - 91%) chose the KazERI, since "they give a good education here." 86.7% of them believe, that it is prestigious to study in our organization. For the question “Are you interested in learning?” 86.24% of residents gave an affirmative answer. Currently, 62.3% of residents are concerned about the “Quality of class schedule preparation”, 24.5% - “Quality of organizing and conducting IWSP”, “Quality of conducting classes” in 16.7% and “Quality of knowledge assessment” in 7.14% cases. In addition, 100% of respondents would like to have separate locker rooms with personal lockers for storing things. Moreover, there was offered changing the menu in the dining room, making it more diverse. Furthemore was suggested to apply the system of issuing educational material, without leaving an identity card in the library.

The following residents perfomed during the discussion:

P. Togymova (3 year resident) - “We would like to thank all the teachers of the postgraduate education department and mentors, as well as the Chairman of the Board for their attention to us, the organization of the meeting, the discussion of our problems. In such open atmosphere our education passes more comfortable and in high quality. Thanks you".

A. Kopabayeva (3 year resident) - “We have learned a lot over those years of studying in residency. In addition, we actively participated in scientific conferences due to our practical education. Many social events were organized by us. All of the above gained sufficient experience not only in professional terms, but also in individual development of identity. ”

Kalmurzayev K. (2 year resident) - “Studying in this institute, I have learned a lot. Doctors are very friendly and attentively tell and show us all the procedures, the knowledges which will help us to provide high-quality ophthalmologic aid in the future when we finish our postgraduate education. I think that graduates of this institute will be in demand everywhere and always. ”

Bayanova A. (1 year resident) - “I am very glad that open mind and friendly people work in the eye institute. This applies not only to doctors, but also to nurses and even staff. This really surprised and pleased me. We practically had no adaptation to the new team. We were met as if we were always known. ”

The chairman of the trade union committee (A. Iskakbayeva) reported on the results of the activities of the trade union organization.

The Chairman of the Board Sapargazinova A.Kh .:

During the implementation of the educational process we require feedback from our students. Without feedback, you can not receive information that you are the best. Of course, being an “ordinary” person is easier, simpler. But what is behind this? All results are summarized at the end of life. And only at that time you will understand that life has passed, and you still had to go out of the zone of “comfort” and begin an active search, work and study in “full strength”. In modern conditions of competitiveness, the clinic or a potential employer, before hiring an employee, a specialist, conducts a detailed analysis of his activity at “360 degrees”, which takes into account all the reviews of people around this specialist, including even junior medical staff. Therefore, in your studies, work, you need to make the most of the opportunities offered to you at the present time. Then all this will be available only for money. You must plan your every move. We also want to help you implement your plans in the most efficient way, taking into account all your wishes and comments.

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25 January 2018 regular meeting of the Chairman of the Board of JSC Kazakh research Institute of eye diseases M. D. Suleimenov M. S. with students of residency, JSC Kazakh research Institute of eye diseases (53 residents) on the specialty "ophthalmology, including pediatric ophthalmology".

Program of the meeting:

  • 9.30-10.00 - Opportunities for students residency in the JSC Kazakh research Institute of Eye Diseases, specialty "Ophthalmology, including pediatric ophthalmology" – Abdullina V.R.
  • 10.00-10.15 - Report of the Chairman and Secretary of the trade Union Committee of students of the residency – Iskakbaeva A.
  • 10.40-11.00 – Other.

During the meeting, the issues of the content of the state standard of education in the specialty "ophthalmology, including pediatric ophthalmology " were discussed Annex 5 to order of the acting Minister of health and social development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 31 July 2015 No. 647.

Also discussed the issue of academic performance of the students of the residency, possibility of working off debts in the period of the summer term, preparations for the interim assessment.

On the part of the administration, it was proposed to conduct an independent survey among residents.

The results of the survey to announce at the meeting of the administration, also to schedule the development of practical skills in the simulation room and appoint those responsible.

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